Post-tension system

CPS, short for CMEC Post-tension System, is a Chinese state-owned company specialized in Post Tension System. Based in Henan Province, We supply design, equipment and materials for post-tension engineering, including Stressing jacks, electric oil pump stations, duct makers, swage machines etc. as well as all kinds of anchors, grippers, pc strands, couplers and so on.

CPS is a full solusion which can help you in all stage of the post-tension engineering. We have participated in civil construction like High-speed railway, bridges, roads, foundations, buildings and special structures in China and more than 60 countries across the world.



CPS provides design service to your post-tension engineering according to customer standards.



CPS stressing jack, Oil pump, Anchors, Wedges, PC Strands etc.



CMEC is a well-known contractor providing post-tension sub-contract services.

Our Company

CPS is a brand of China Machinery Engineering Corporation, or CMEC. CMEC was built on its predecessor China National Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corporation, which was set up in 1978. In 2012, CMEC was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Its controlling stake is now owned by China National Machinery Industry Corporation. The core business of CMEC is engineering contracting, but as a large international conglomerate, it also extends into trade, investment, R&D and international services.

CPS offers a complete range of products, from Post Tension System, Stressing Jack, Stressing Pump, Stay Cable (Bridge Cable), Ground Anchor, Grouting System, etc. Our products are certified by China Railway Test & Certification Center (CRCC), Safety Certificate of Approval for Mining Products, as well as many international bodies around the world. Our products are highly regarded by our clients.

Over the years, CPS participated in many civil constructions like higgh-speed railways, bridges, tunnels, dams, containment tanks, reservoirs, underground constructions, foundations, buildings, industrial facilities, air and sea ports, and special structures, has made us the preferred prestressed concrete solution provider with many of our partners. And with our contributions to some of the most prestigious and complex concrete structures like Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, etc, has further demonstrated in the ability to innovate and overcome adverse engineering challenges.

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Hot products

stressing jack Stressing Jack

Stressing jack is a very important machine for multi-strand stressing in the post-tension and pre-tension program.

stressing pump Stressing Pump

Electric Stressing Pump is the key equipment which supply the power to the stressing jacks and other machines.

stressing anchor Stressing Anchor

Stressing anchorage, or active-end anchorage, is the most widely used form of post-tension anchorage system.

fixed anchor Fixed Anchorage

Fixed anchorage, including P type and H type, are used in the fixed end tendons (also called dead anchor).

pc strands PC Strands

CPS Low Relaxation Strands, including PE-coated strands, are renowned for its high quality and reliability.

swaging machine Swaging Machine

CPS swaging machine is the special machine for forming swages for Fix P-anchorage, which is very commonly used in post-tension system.

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