Fixed Anchorage

fixed anchor

Type P Fixed Anchorage

This type of anchorage system with compression fitting is used when the strand tendons are buried into the structure and no stressing is done (or cannot be done) on this fixed end tendon (also commonly known as dead anchor). However prestressing force still has to be transferred to the structure at the fixed end of the strand tendon.

This kind of anchorage system provides the best solution when strand has to be push through on site. Its generic dimension and layout of tendons is similar to stressing anchorage.

CPS’s innovation on the wedge-type compression barrel provides users with a perfect solution on fixed end anchorage system with compression fitting. This award winning patented innovation has received many positive feedbacks from our clients and operators on its ease of usage and also high eflciency.

The GYJ series Compression Fitting Equipment is the instrument used to bond the strand to the compression barrel and thus forming the compression fitting.

fixed anchor

Type H is another form of fixed end anchorage system (also commonly know as dead anchor). Its unique function is when the strand is deliberately shaped to form a bond head (also commonly known as pear / onion shape head) and prestressing force is directly transferred to the concrete structure when the strands bond with the concrete.

The bond head can be formed with CPS YH30 Bond Head Equipment.

fixed anchor

Type H Fixed Anchorage