Stay cable bridge

stay cable bridge

Stay cable bridge

Stay cable bridge is a kind of bridge that pulls the main beam directly on the tower with many cables. It is a system composed of a pressurized tower, many tensioned cable, and a curved beam. Stay cable bridges are the main bridge types of long-span bridges and have developed rapidly in many countries.

The span of stay cable bridges has grown dramatically thanks to the rapid development of manufacturing technology. Stay cable is developed from prestressed technology, using the same basic materials and principles, but with very different functions. The prestressed tendons are actively applied to the structure by stressing jack, while the stay cables are passively stressed by the weight and load of the structure.

The most popular is a group anchorage 250 cables with a single anticorrosive PC strand. The cables are based on smooth or coated strands. Each strand is coated with oil or wax in the factory, and then HDPE sheath is hot-squeezed and transported to the project site.

The main advantage of stay cable is that it has at least 3 layers of anti-corrosion protection.

  1. HDPE sleeve seal protects each strand of the cable.
  2. Filled with grease or wax between HDPE and strand.
  3. Coated on the surface of the strand.

The strand of stay cable can be replaced with small tensioning devices without affecting traffic.

PE strand